The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 30:
Reclaiming Your Psychic Sovereignty
with Sâde Gryffin



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Sâde Gryffin, MFA, is an Oakland based Mystic, Psychic Energy Healer, Teacher and Artist. Born and raised in Wales/UK, his practice is deeply rooted in earth-based Welsh mysticism. Sâde brings a bold and pragmatic sensibility to his work, through a unique combination of psychic lineage, intensive clairvoyant training, 30 years experience in the healing arts, and his former career as a seasoned arts professor.

Sâde is a GQ/Trans/Gay man. In all aspects of his practice he strives to create safe, nonjudgmental containers for LGBTQI individuals, communities and allies. Sâde loves to co-create intentional sacred space and earth-based ceremony. In his private practice, he integrates his intensive psychic reading skills with deep energy healing work to facilitate profound transformation for his clients, in all aspects of their lives.

Episode Highlights

  • Sâde describes himself as an integrated psychic practitioner, what that means to him, and how he uses energy healing in his practice.
  • He and Nick discuss the importance of empowering their clients to take agency and sovereignty in their own healing work.
  • Sâde shares how he first started doing energy and divination work by exploring earth based practices and herbal studies.
  • He works with people on a variety of issues from physical, emotional and spiritual; including working with a lot of other healers and helpers.
  • Sâde talks about deconstructing gender and decolonizing his work, especially by being mindful of his language in teaching and explaining what’s happening with clients.
  • He also shares about his work to uncover Celtic appropriation that happens in new age circles and the larger culture.
  • We talk about connecting with sacred sites, and Sâde’s particular interest in stone circles.
  • Sâde explains more about his classes and online workshops, to help people dive deeper into their healing and energy clearing work.


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