A Care-Centered Space for Queers

2-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender-blessed, Gender-non-conforming, Non-Binary, A-sexual.

You are welcome here.

Kinky, poly, pagan, witch, heathen, other, misfit, edge-walker, wyrd, fag, dyke, gender-bender.

You are Sacred.

All of these expressions of identity are welcome and celebrated here, as you are invited to explore + be curious.

TanyaMarck Oviedo,

Residing on Tongva Land, TanyaMarck Oviedo (they/them) is a  two spirit, nonbinary, queer, native indigenous person of color and has been a person in recovery since 1989. As an embodied somatic practitioner, medicine person, witch, educator and mentor, they share over 3 decades of experience and magic in care-centered: space holding, circle facilitation, mentoring, and program maintenance/development, and community service work.  They maintain credentials, certificates, and training in ways that align and expand their practices and amplify their offerings.

TanyaMarck and Pluto (very magical medicine dog) are the founders of Vamonos Wellness, a healing arts and harm reduction practice that’s deeply rooted in curanderismo and community service. Vamonos prioritizes accessible support and care for people and communities at the margins: our black/ brown/native indigenous people of color and our 2SLGBTQ+ beings.

My current ebb~n~flow of care includes: breathwork, movement, prayer/meditation, energy mindfulness, scribin’, ritual, witchcraft, tarot/astrology, music/voice/dance, kundalini activation process (KAP), akashic records, reiki, moon circles, ceremony, bipoc circles, queer circles, joy/pleasure/fun, connecting with food/elements/nature/animals, consistent connections with mentors & elders, being of service, therapy, and the cultivation of aligned community & connections. 

~ Learn more about TanyaMarck and their practice at Vamonos Wellness



Nick Venegoni,

Nick is a holistic therapist, counselor and guide based on Ohlone territory (aka. SF Bay Area, CA). As a seeker and student of healing wisdom Nick has always had a curiosity for the nature of the universe and relationship to it. Growing up he couldn’t wait to take off his shoes and play in the yard with dogs and sit in trees, feeling most at home in embodied in the natural world. As he matured Nick discovered a natural talent for listening to others stories and holding their emotions and potential for greater wholeness and well-being, much in the same way the trees held him as a child.

As a gay and queer person it’s important for Nick to support others who have also suffered at the hands of hatred, injustice, fear or misunderstanding; to be a guide and an advocate for those who feel alone, different or weird on their healing journey.


Media interviews with TanyaMarck + Nick:



We want to acknowledge and express gratitude
to our teachers & lineages:

Tahirah Abubakr

Lynda Arnold aka. DivaSonic

John Paul Crimi

Amanda Yates Garcia

Isa Gucciardi

Faith Hunter

Laura Inserra

Ali Akbar Kahn

Jeanie MacDonald

Silvia Nakkach

Inez Singletary



Thanking the sacred Practices + Traditions + Peoples + Lands:

Yoga, Ayurveda – Sanskrit, Mantra, Raga, Hindustani Music

Buddhism + Tibet + Meditation

Tongva + Kizh + Chumash + Ohlone

Tarot + Astrology + Magic + Witchcraft


Honoring our Ancestral Lineages:

Shoshone + Latinx + Huastec

Germanic + Celtic + Mediterranean


Thank you for the medicine and magic you continue to share with the world.