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Conversations with embodied artists, practitioners and activists who care for, enliven and empower our 2SLGBTQ+ communities to thrive + flourish.

Hosted by  Nick Venegoni, MA & TanyaMarck Oviedo

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The Queer Spirit Podcast was started by Nick Venegoni in 2018. He was inspired to start sharing the conversations he was having with queer folks on a spiritual path with others around the globe. Nick loved hearing about the empowerment journeys of all these artists, healers and activists and decided to amplify these voices to reach queer ears from all corners of the earth, especially in places where these stories aren’t shared publicly. The intention is to enliven, heal and empower all who hear these stories and conversations – to inspire new ideas towards health and wholeness on your path of queer spirituality.


Your Hosts:

Nick Venegoni, MA (he>they), is a holistic psychotherapist based on unceded Ohlone territory (San Francisco, CA), where he supports queer folks to heal from trauma and anxiety, to create more joyful lives and fulfilling relationships. He was raised Catholic in the suburbs of Southern California, but has had the privilege of exploring many spiritual paths. Nick’s primary spiritual practices these days include Earth based wisdom, Buddhist Psychology, Mindfulness meditation, and sound healing.


TanyaMarck Oviedo (they/them) is an intuitive + trauma informed practitioner, guide, mentor, educator, witch, and medicine person who identifies as a queer, non-binary, native indigenous being of color, and person in recovery. Their healing arts practice (Vamonos) and home are based out of Tongva + Kizh and Chumash lands (Long Beach, CA). TanyaMarck joined the show as co-host in 2023 with Season 6.
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