The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 15:
Facing Career Fears
& Finding Fulfilling Work
with Rita Alma


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Rita Alma is a queer entrepreneur and coach on a mission to guide people to create the life (and world) they want to live in. Her work as a career coach for LGBTQ+ people catalyzes transformations in their personal lives, the workplace, and the wider world as she challenges and supports clients to be who they are, reclaim their dreams and put them into action. She uses her experiences in the LGBTQ+ community, her background in conflict resolution and peer counseling, and her insights from working with clients, to deliver programming on the importance of building meaningful relationships and fostering deeper understandings of LGBTQ+ issues as a precursor to enacting diversity in the workplace. 

Episode Highlights

  • Rita shares how she came to doing career coaching for Queer people, to help them get fulfilling and meaningful work.
  • She shares common “career fears” that keep LGBTQ people stuck in unfulfilling jobs.
  • We talk about how the experience of fear can be an indicator that you’re on the right path, especially when you’re pursuing something you want.
  • How to find your super powers and authentic self to convey into your work life.
  • Showing up as your authentic queer self with your gifts in your work place is an act of helping to ending oppression.
  • Rita is working to end LGBTQ oppression in the workplace through coaching and educating employers.
  • She tells success stories about people she’s helped to shift their career path towards fulfillment.


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