The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 28:
Poetry as Oracle, Performance as Spell
with rexylafemme



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rexylafemme (rex renée leonowicz) is a visual + performing artist, writer, and musician born and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. As a working class trans femme, rex’s work is grounded in a politics of radical resistance, healing and witness. rex blends genders and genres, utilizing drag, comedy, visual art, and burlesque, to critically respond to the relationships people “on the margins” have with our surroundings and each other. rex’s book of poems and illustrations, when there is no one and there is everyone is available from Magic Helicopter Press. rex is also a practicing witch and offers spiritual readings and mentorship with a focus on radical occultism. they co-create with bloom wave collective, a network of artists and organizers building revolutionary culture in New York City.

Episode Highlights

  • rex talks about being the family entertainer growing up, which influenced their performance art.
  • As a child, rex explored divination and had spiritual experiences with deceased relatives.
  • We discuss the ways that witchcraft is inherently queer and trans.
  • rex uses drag and performance art as ritual for healing and banishing, and talks about embodiment as a spiritual practice.
  • They also use poetry and creative arts as a divination tool, and writing poetry as an oracle.
  • rexy does an impromptu divination from their poetry about supporting the queer future.
  • Their first experience of performing burlesque had an empowering and spiritual effect on them.


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