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Episode 3: Relationship Coaching for Single Gay Parents with Ray Hippolyte



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Ray Hippolyte is known around the world as ‘The Inner AWESOME Relationship and life Architect’. He shows single parents how to ‘Out Their Inner AWESOME’ and Get the Life and relationship of their dreams by becoming ‘the ONE’ to find ‘the ONE’.

Passionate, free spirited and full of life, Ray believes that finding unconditional love and acceptance is a journey that begins within. He teaches that great relationships begin with self-love. He believes that every single parent have a special purpose on the planet – to teach the world the art of unconditional love, by example.

In 2002 Ray was diagnosed with HIV. He thought that his life was over. He fell into a dark, suicidal depression. And then something happened that changed the direction of his life forever. His sister – his absolute best girl friend in the world – was shot and killed. All at once he realized that life is short and it’s about taking action and fulfilling your dreams.

He made a commitment to love himself unconditionally. He learned to let go of wounds associated with the traumatic experiences of his past. He learned to say no to the toxic people, activities, and things that had been keeping him stuck. And because he found the courage from within to do all of that hard work, he found his life’s purpose AND started his own family.


Episode Highlights

  • We discuss how divorce helped Ray grow on his spiritual path.
  • The ways Self love and forgiveness allows you to forgive others and recover from difficult situations.
  • Incorporating daily rituals to strive towards greatness and using meditation to create emotion resilience.
  • Letting go of fear in order to open up to a new relationship.
  • The first of three steps to attract your perfect partner, and how to “be the one to find the one.” 

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