The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 13:
Queer Rebels Fest – Creating a New Vision for the Future
with KB Boyce & Crystal Mason


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KB Boyce is the Co-Founder and Director of Queer Rebels, a Queer People of Color arts company that connects generations – and honors our queer legacies with visionary art for the future. Musician and media artist KB Boyce is a Gender Non Conforming / trans masculine performer whose adventures have brought them from teenage punk band appearances at CBGBs in NY, to B-grade horror movies in LA, and on to solo blues performance as The Drag King of the Blues in San Francisco. Boyce composes and performs music that pays homage to African-American and Indigenous legacies of resistance through art. Boyce conjures the spirit of cross-dressing Blues performers – reflecting the history, creativity, and aesthetics of the ancestors.

Crystal Mason co-founded and co-directed Luna Sea Women’s Performance Space. They are the former Executive Director of the Jon Sims Center for the Arts. They lived in Berlin, Germany for 9 years, where they co-owned and operated Schoko Café, a women’s art and culture center. Their last project in Berlin was a two-year long European Union funded film project dealing with multi- dimensional discrimination faced by lesbians of color and immigrant lesbians in Berlin. In San Francisco, Crystal was an AIDS activist and organizer working with ACT UP and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in the Women’s and Children’s Program. Crystal was also a regular behind the scenes and in front of the camera on Electric City Queer TV for several years. They co-produced the multimedia theater piece Hey, Sailor and created 3 short films: In My Blood, I Know My Soul, and In My Own Hands. In 2016 Crystal created a multimedia performance/installation at Fort Mason as part of the THIS IS WHAT I Want Festival 2016 called There is No Other, Fractured And Complete, Tell Me Something True. They have been a Queer Rebels Board Member since 2012 and is now the Managing Director at Queer Rebels Productions.


Episode Highlights

  • KB tells about how the Queer Rebel Festival first began in San Francisco in 2008 as a way to create a space for centering queer/trans people of color (QT POC) artists.
  • KB & Crystal share about their own backgrounds in art and activism. KB group up in a New York family of artists, performers and activists. Crystal grew up always being creative and a storyteller, and explored using story as a tool for liberation activism.
  • They each discuss their visions for the future of QT POC and how Queer Rebels helps to support that vision.
  • We discuss the importance of intergenerational collaboration in art, and the introduction of the Queer Rebels intergenerational residency program.
  • They share some samples of what the audience can expect at the festival this year.
  • Crystal shares how collaboration has been a source of hope and inspiration in their activism and art.


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