The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 26:
Receiving Healing from the Earth
with Phoenix Song



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Phoenix Song is a licensed trauma therapist, expressive arts practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, and applied shamanic counselor serving healers, artists, and spiritual seekers in their own deep healing work. She is passionate about supporting others in reconnecting with the wisdom of our bodies and the Earth, taking back our own power, and connecting to our own creative and spiritual paths. She is in the process of opening a second business, Earth Based Wisdoms, with a focus on offering energy work and earth based healing services to individuals and groups. Phoenix is also a writer, poet, singer, dancer, and yoga student. She is deeply in love with the healing power of the arts and the greatest artist of all, this magical being of Earth.

Episode Highlights

  • Phoenix shares how she became a healer by connecting to the mysterious energy of nature and asking for her “magic powers” to come to her.
  • We talk about praying in an earth-based way by connecting to the different elements of nature.
  • Our wild, queer nature has been taken from us and connecting to the earth and calling that essence back is empowering.
  • Phoenix shares her ideas of healing the “sacred space of me” as a way of bringing back wholeness and compassion to ourselves.
  • She talks about the intersection of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and earth based wisdom practices (aka. eco-therapy or “shamanic” practices), and how she weaves those all together in her practice.
  • We discuss biological cycles and spiritual initiations, and how they hold power and teachings for us when we are present to them. 


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