The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 6:
Queering Permaculture
with Claudiu Oprea & Maria Fernandes

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Claudiu Oprea is a queer permaculture educator, artist and healer. Since the pandemic he has set up the Sanqtuary Goa, India, an experimental arts and permaculture sanctuary that explores the intersection between permaculture and queerness as well as the question of where our healing may come from.
Maria Fernandes is a body based facilitator and therapist, merging yoga and expressive arts therapy as well as social permaculture.


Episode Highlights

  • We learn about the creation of Sanqtuary Goa and the importance of safe, physical space for LGBTQ+ people.
  • We discuss how the principles of permaculture, to live in harmony with the natural world, help us to create and foster queer community,
  • Claudiu and Maria share their ideas about how nature is inherently queer.
  • We talk about their vision for the Sanqtuary Goa, as a center of art and healing for queer folks in that region of India.

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