The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 5:
Transforming Fear into Flight
with Nikki Borodi

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Nikki Borodi is a Bay Area-based acro-phenom, musician, songwriter, filmmaker, educator and activist storyteller. Borodi dazzles audiences by combining her unique vocal stylings and acrobatic talents during her signature “Acrolele” performances where she sings and plays ukulele while doing acrobatics. “Acrolele” is an astounding demonstration of human potentiality that transcends perceived impossibility. Her message can be felt through every show she gives-we have the power to transform fears into flight and to live as our most authentic selves. Her work and creativity coaching inspires others to embrace diverse identities and dive into spaces of vulnerable exploration. 


Episode Highlights

  • Nikki shares about her path as a musician, performer, and artist.
  • She talks about how she finds healing through creative expression and the way she works with others to transform fears into flight.
  • We learn about how Nikki teaches and encourages people to express their creativity and vulnerability through music.
  • We explore how fear of failure or rejection can impede our creative drive and we discuss how to remedy those fears.
  • Nikki talks about her conception of her Acrolele project and her upcoming album, Lesbionic.

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