The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 19:
Sexuality as a Source of Infinite Power
with M’Kali-Hashiki



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M’kali-Hashiki is a Renegade Sexual Mystic, a Tour Guide to the realm of Eros & a Teacher of Somatic Erotic Possibilities. She holds certifications in Sexological Bodywork, Sound, Voice & Music Healing and Tantric Sacred Intimacy. A published essayist, a former professional social justice organizer and an Ifa devoteé, she believes the sexual & the spiritual are irrevocably intertwined. Her politics, spirituality and lived experience as a queer, feminist, polyamourous, middle-aged, fat, kinky, Black Femme Dyke trauma survivor inform all aspects of her work.


She is the author of the popular ebook, Turn Your Junk Into Treasure: Five Steps to Deepening Your Relationship with Your Nethers. She offers both individual sessions &  transformational group journeys helping QTIPOC & allied folk access their erotic energy for radical transformation fuel. She also offers Enstatic Breathwork™ for Collaboration & Employee Wellness to companies & social justice non-profits. 


Episode Highlights

  • M’kali-Hashiki discusses how she became a renegade sexual mystic early in life through discovering how to channel sexual energy to connect with universal flow.
  • Deepening her connection to sexual energy through her studies with Joseph Kramer at the Body Electric school, and in Sexological Bodywork.
  • She discusses the interconnectedness of sexuality and politics, and bringing in her renegade activism to that connection.
  • M’kali-Hashiki teaches marginalized people to use sexuality to make space for joy through sex as a form of activism.
  • “Oppression requires the repression of the erotic.” – Audre Lodre
  • What happens when we lose connection to passion, and connecting with pleasure in the body instead of falling into the spell of consumerism.
  • The 3 pillars of fierce passion – presence, pleasure and prayer; and the difference between the sensual, sexual and erotic.
  • “Our sexuality is a source of infinite power and transformation.”
  • Her specific work with fat, queer, black women and other marginalized people explores helping them take up space and find safety in their bodies.



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