The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 15:
Writing Mirrors Life
with Matthew Clark Davison

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Matthew Clark Davison is the author of Doubting Thomas (Amble Press in 2021) and creator of The Lab :: Writing Classes with MCD. His textbook The Lab, Experiments in Writing Across Genre, co-authored by bestselling writer Alice LaPlante, will be published by W.W. Norton in 2022. His prose has been recently anthologized in Empty The Pews (Epiphany Publishing) and 580-Split; and published in or on Guernica, The Advocate, The Atlantic Monthly, Foglifter, Exquisite Pandemic, and others. Matthew also teaches full time in SF State’s Creative Writing MFA and BA programs.

Episode Highlights

  • Matthew shares about how he first started writing in church services after he ran away from home.
  • We discuss his new book, Doubting Thomas, and how the political landscape of the last two US presidencies influenced the story.
  • We explore the themes of control and surrender.
  • Matthew shares his experience with organized religion and how his perception has changed since being introduced to GLIDE Memorial Church in San Francisco.

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