The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 9:
Reconnecting to the Wild Spirit
of the Land with Laura Perlin



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Laura Perlin is a Tarot card reader, intuitive counselor, and ritualist. She works especially with personal and collective transformations, resolution of chronic & mysterious health challenges, and ancestral lineage repair. Her approach to healing work is rooted in anti-oppression practice and animist sensibilities. Laura grew up on Ohlone lands in the SF Bay Area and is of Jewish, Sakha (Siberian indigenous), Roma, and Finnish ancestry. She is a founding member of Embodiment Arts Collective, a healing arts and events space in San Francisco rooted in queer and outsider communities.


Episode Highlights

  • We discuss how Laura’s work in national forests lead to mystical experiences by connecting to the presence of land in the wilds of nature, and the cultivating of relationship with other-than-human entities.
  • Ritual work as healing, and working with spirits, ancestors, plants and land.
  • Acknowledging the time and space that we’re in is sacred.
  • In ritual, the spiritual component is in the foreground.
  • Laura’s work with people who are transforming and shifting to help with move through a new experience; as well as chronic and mysterious health issues.
  • Ancestral repair work.
  • How being in relationship with her ancestors helped her clarify and align with her life path as a healer.
  • Laura’s pilgrimages to Siberia and the important process of re-indiginization she is dedicated to.


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