The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 12:
Music as Medicine
with Kerem Brule

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Kerem Brule is a self-taught musician who has continued to experiment and evolve creatively in search of her own authentic musical expression. Kerem is an electronic music producer, sound healer, drum circler, singer-songwriter and even… a rapper! She is a lover of improvisational layering of rhythm, harmony and melody, and along the way has discovered some great musical expression hacks that have fast tracked her to greater expansion of her musical expression. Kerem is a believer that we are all capable of making music in ways that can feel intuitive, natural and above all, feel good at any age and experience level!

Episode Highlights

  • We talk about how music holds the power of healing and memory.
  • Kerem shares her experiences of music as medicine and the power of improvisation, regardless of age.
  • We learn how drumming was significantly healing and inspirational for Kerem and what she learned from it.
  • We discuss the power of sharing music collectively and what that means for personal and social healing.

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