The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 17:
Creating the Black Queer Tarot
with Kendrick Daye

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Kendrick Daye is a multi-media collage artist and the creator of the Black Queer Tarot. Originally from Coconut Grove, Florida, he is now setting up art camp in Harlem, NY. His diverse approaches to making art include art direction, bespoke design, music, and most notably collage – both digital and analog. Kendrick aims to create work that imagines a future where black, queer life is prosperous and thriving.

Episode Highlights

  • Kendrick shares about how he started making art and how he dove in deeply, creating a zine while in college.
  • Kendrick talks about how creating art has been a foundation of his life and led him to the projects he’s working on now.
  • We discuss his new Black Queer Tarot deck, co-created with Justin Henry.
  • He shares about his creative process working on the Tarot deck and what that was like during the pandemic.
  • We talk about Afrofuturism and its place in art and society today.

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