The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 20:
Queering Parenthood: Birth, Death & Earth
with Kaya Colin



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Kaya Colin is a queer femme, social worker, witch, and accidental parent to an almost 3 year old. Her upcoming projects, both launching this summer, are inspired by vulnerability and isolation from community during pregnancy and parenting. The Mad Queer Parents podcast, explores the intersection of mental health, queerness and parenting. Kaya and her partner are opening, a counseling practice, Femme & Them, to serve LGBTQ families and pregnant people. In between foraging, parenting, and making tea and magic, Kaya is a crisis worker in rural Washington state.

Episode Highlights

  • Kaya tells how she was inspired to study social work after having a chaotic childhood, and her desire to understand the system she grew up in by studying psychology.
  • She shares the story of becoming a parent, which was unplanned but is learning so much from this new experience. She talks about being a single, queer mother-to-be and the challenges of navigating her identities in birthing spaces.
  • During her pregnancy she tuned into the energies of grief and death by connecting with her ancestors as she became a parent.
  • Now she and her partner run a therapy practice in Washington state, working with LGBTQ families.
  • Her identity as a witch is a way of connecting to nature and finding support through that connection. She shares how the earth has taught her to be a parent.
  • Her new podcast, Mad Queer Parents explores the intersection of queerness, mental health and parenting.


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