The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 3:
Healing the Queer Spirit
with Jonathan Koe

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Jonathan Koe is a queer astrologer, diviner, and alchemist of the subtle realm. Their work aims to empower fellow shapeshifters, visionaries and intuitives in remembering their essence, cultivating skills in being present with the ever-changing nature of reality, and weaving sincere, loving kinships with the world – even when the world has broken our hearts. 


Episode Highlights

Welcome to our second cross-pollination episode, where we share space with other queer podcasters and creators. Jonathan is the host of “Healing the Spirit” podcast.

  • We take an energetic stroll and explore the medicines of queerness, healing, astrology, collaboration & connection. 
  • Add nuggets of grounding, breathwork & gratitude throughout our shared time. 
  • We mix and marinade in queer joy, laughter, connection & community. 

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