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Episode 5: The Healing Magic of Queer Gods with Jenya Beachy



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Jenya Beachy is a writer, teacher, priest, rootworker and so much more, who has been exploring the old ways and forging new ones for over 25 years. Her work and teachings focus on: Self-knowledge, Self-healing and Self-possession, Expressing the beauty of Poetry, Wisdom and Magick, Keeping in right relationship with all things, Walking as an ethical and compassionate Warrior. Her first book, The Secret Country of Yourself: Discover the Powerful Magic of Your Endless Inner World, was published last year.


Episode Highlights

  • We discuss the symbolism of monsters and their vulnerability.
  • The power of addressing our shadows with humility and compassion.
  • The inspiration for her new book coming out of her own pagan practices and experiences in her inner world.
  • Holding our faults with self-compassion.
  • The work of cleansing negativity and following your true identity.
  • The importance of having non- or multi-gendered gods and deities in a spiritual practice.
  • How the queer uprising plays a role in the evolution of humanity.


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