The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 5:
Homeopathy: Nature’s Original Nanomedicine
with Sandi Kaplan & Kathleen Scheible


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Sandi Kaplan has been practicing homeopathy for the last 17 years and runs a private practice called Divine Monkey Homeopathy. She has worked in low income and youth clinics, women’s shelters and makeshift clinics in Tanzania. Sandi taught at the Center for Homeopathic Education in NY, supervises homeopathy students and has trained to be a Trauma Informed practitioner.  She recently traded her surfboard in for raised beds and a beehive in Sacramento, where she now practices. Sandi remains dedicated to treating people of various cultures, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, gender expressions and lifestyles, believing everyone deserves quality healthcare.

Kathleen Scheible is a Board Certified Classical Homeopath and has a private homeopathy practice in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Kathleen has practiced homeopathy for over thirteen years, and helps people of all backgrounds to lessen or resolve chronic health issues and improve overall health and well being with homeopathic medicine. Kathleen founded the Bay Area Homeopathy Association in 2007 with help from a core group of motivated homeopaths including Sandi Kaplan! Kathleen is the current President of the California Homeopathic Medical Society, founded in 1877.

Episode Highlights

  • Kathleen shares how she was inspired to start practicing homeopathy after she used it to help both of her sons heal from significant health issues.
  • Sandi tells the story of her own healing journey with homeopathy after an injury.
  • They help us understand that homeopathy is a holistic system of healthcare, which helps teach the body how to heal itself. The approach is to find a remedy that is specific to the person, not just to the symptom.
  • Nick shares his story of initial skepticism with homeopathy – once he understood how to use it, he saw the power in its effectiveness.
  • Kathleen explains what exactly homeopathic remedies are made of, underneath the umbrella of naturopathic medicine.
  • Sandi & Kathleen also discuss the “like cures like” theory as well as paradoxical ideas within the practice.
  • They share some ideas about the ways homeopathy works on an emotional and spiritual level, particularly with trauma.
  • We discuss how the foundational theories of practicing homeopathy encourage an open mind to difference and queerness.
  • We also share stories of how alternative healing modalities are often more comfortable or accessible for queer folks.
  • Finally they discuss how the FDA is currently scrutinizing the practice and manufacturing of homeopathy in the United States.


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