The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 29:
Spirit, Sex & Art
with Gregory Foster



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Gregory Foster has had a life long dedication to the exploration of queer men’s spiritual and sexual well-being. He has studied Reiki, Healing Touch and Holistic Nutrition and has blended his interests in art, sexuality and spirituality into a self published magazine called “The Holy Male” where he curates the work of queer, gay, bi and trans male identified people into the quarterly publication. 
Gregory has spoken at universities in Canada about his past experiences as a sex worker, shame, vulnerability and the role our sexuality can have in our spiritual healing and cultivation of self love. A self identified “polymath” or “multipotentalite,”  he is currently working on his latest project ‘Folk + Foster’, which is an online store and brand that is dedicated to bringing his multiple projects and personal vision to the public.
Gregory currently resides on Salt Spring Island.


Episode Highlights

  • Gregory talks about his inspiration to start The Holy Male quarterly magazine as an idea for a book to explore gay spirituality, sexuality and art.
  • The magazine includes art and writings from a queer male spiritual perspective.
  • Gregory shares the path of his spiritual exploration as a queer man growing up in a religious home.
  • We discuss connecting to nature as a way many queer folks find a path back to spirituality.
  • Gregory shares his experiences and explorations of blending spiritual practice with sex work.
  • He shares why queer spirituality is so important today – it’s not all light and easy, but inner work is challenging and rewarding.


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