The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 31:
Race & Appropriation in Pagan Community
with Gede Parma



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Gede Parma (Fio Aengus) is a Balinese-Australian witch, international teacher, magical mentor, author, and initiate. Gede (they/them pronouns) cherishes the initiatory mysteries of four powerful witchcraft traditions, and is a co-founder of the Coven of the Wildwood and midwife and initiate of the Wildwood Tradition. They are also an active initiate of Reclaiming and Anderson Feri. Gede has authored or coauthored five books.

Gede/Fio’s work links animism to heresy to sorcery to poetry to spirit-work to sex to faerie faith to folklore. Most of their time is spent reading Tarot, working magic, teaching and celebrating the Craft, mentoring witches and spirit-workers, singing and drumming, and laughing with friends. 

They currently reside in the lands of the Jagera and Turrbal Peoples, in so-called Brisbane, Australia.

Episode Highlights

  • Gede talks about their first spirituality came from being born into Balinese Hinduism which includes mysticism and Tantra. They started exploring witchcraft on their own in childhood.
  • They share their ideas about what it means to be born a witch and to practice magic.
  • We muse over the intersection of queer people coming out and discovering their own personal spirituality.
  • Gede shares about their first experiences of racism and cultural appropriation within their multicultural experience growing up as a child in both Australia and Bali; and within pagan community.
  • We discuss the practice of white on white calling out of cultural appropriation
  • Gede talks about Intention vs. impact, and the relationship of money and spiritual appropriation.
  • They talk about their engagement and influence from the Reclaiming tradition, and its embracing of multi-gendered identities in its community.


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