The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 12:
Conflict & Self-Compassion
with Fresh “Lev” White


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Fresh “Lev” White is a love and compassionate activist. He offers mindfulness, coaching, mediation, and diversity trainings as tools for shifting towards more authentic, conscious and passionate living. He teaches and writes about how love and self-compassion are the ultimate gateways to loving and understanding others; thus, healing our communities, and planet.

Episode Highlights

  • Lev and I discuss mindfulness coaching, mediation, and diversity training as tools for shifting towards more authentic, conscious and passionate living. 
  • We discuss cultivating self love and compassion as ways to overcome self judgment and hatred.
  • Lev shares how his journey through love and compassion led to his Buddhist practice.
  • Lev talks about the power of self-compassion and self-care. 
  • We examine examples of spiritual leaders throughout history and their practices of self care.
  • Lev explains his work mediating microaggressions and transphobia within his community. 
  • We explore the pervasiveness of unconscious biases.
  • Lev shares about his experiences as a queer person of color, including micro- and macro-aggressions, the influence of the media, and the challenges trans people face.
  • We discuss the importance of unpacking internalized hatred towards one’s self.


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