The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 13:
Bridging the Binaries
with Brandi Stanley

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Brandi Stanley (she/her) makes a living out of making connections—science and art, fermenting and theology, permaculture and social movements, neuroscience and dance. If creativity is the ability to connect the seemingly un-connectable, that’s the art she practices. In love with the space between things—the intersections and the paradoxes—she’s constantly looking for what insights can be gained when we mash the unexpected together and the growth that happens when we learn to hold complexity. These days, she does that by running a podcast and writing a newsletter, both under the name This Plus That, where she’s interviewed guests like authors David Epstein & Charles Eisenstein, and well-known artists like Ashley Eliza Williams and Tyler Thrasher. When she’s not working on the pod, though, you can find her obsessing over great food and fermenting everything in sight.

Episode Highlights

  • Brandi shares how she left the world of marketing and branding, listened to her heart, and started her podcast and newsletter.
  • We explore the practice of finding balance, connection, and opposites.
  • She talks about her own healing journey of opposing forces in her body and how she cultivates balance in herself today.
  • We discuss the gift of queerness in that we bridge the binaries and help others see connections between poles.
  • We talk about the concept of holding opposites within ourselves and being capable of holding one side without having to jettison the other.
  • Brandi shares her insight that the root of many emotional and physical ailments is inflammation, both in a material and immaterial sense.

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