The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 9:
Representation Matters: Being Queer & Disabled
with Anthony Michael Lopez

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Anthony Michael Lopez is a queer, disabled actor known for his appearances on Broad City, Homeland, and the feature film “Mapplethorpe” starring Matt Smith. He recently shared the stage with Daniel Craig, David Oyelowo, and Rachel Brosnahan in New York Theatre Workshop’s production of “Othello.” Anthony’s new streaming miniseries “desert in” – premiering June 3 on – is a supernatural story exploring queer love, loss, and the price of memories.


Episode Highlights

  • Anthony shares his journey as an actor and how his identities of being queer and disabled have shaped that path.
  • We discuss the intersection of disability and queerness in media and how Anthony is working to bring more representation into the field.
  • Anthony shares how his work with attachment theory has been very healing for him.
  • He talks about his most recent project, “desert in,” an operatic online mini-series.
  • We explore why it’s so important to have queer and disabled people on both sides of the camera in the entertainment business. 

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