The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 14:
Breath & Spirit
with TanyaMarck Oviedo

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TanyaMarck Oviedo (they/them) identifies as a non binary, queer, native indigenous person of color who resides on Tongva + Kizh + Chumash land (colonially known as Long Beach, Ca). They currently are of service to their communities as a mentor + wellness facilitator. They are creator of Vamonos a healing arts practice rooted in and with well + being + of service. Vamanos builds community to explore and embody wellness via breath work + energy + mindful movement + mentoring + space holding.

Episode Highlights

  • We discuss how TanyaMarck first learned about the power of connecting to the breath from their baseball coach as a child.
  • We learn about their current breath work practice helping clients to release stuck energy and activating new insights.
  • Nick and TanyaMarck share stories about discovering magic and spirituality through candles at church and connecting to the elements of nature, wind and fog.
  • They talk about learning to be of service to family and community, and cultivating that service as a spiritual practice.
  • They share about their connection with food as medicine and why they feel called to work with food magic.

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