The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 8:
Shamanic Practice and Healing Justice
with Richael Faithful

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Richael Faithful is a multidisclipinary folk healing artist, healing justice strategist, complex conversation facilitator, community lawyer and creative. Working from the shamanic tradition of conjure, they focus on the interactions of generational healing, practical ritual, and magic and death doulaship.


Episode Highlights

  • Richael shares their path to finding and practicing folk healing work.
  • We talk about the different ways Richael uses this work, particularly in groups with healing justice practices.
  • We learn how Richael answered their shamanic calling.
  • Richael talks about their passion for drumming and leading drum circles as ways to create communal space.
  • They share about the importance of not only healing the individual body but also tending to the collective body.
  • We discuss Richael’s book, “Together at the Edge of the World: On Healing Justice.”

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