The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 4:
The Dynamic Cosmos & Black Trans Liberation
with Ni’Ja Whitson

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Ni’Ja Whitson is a multi award-winning Queer Trans NB artist and futurist, a wound and medicine worker, noted by Brooklyn Magazine as a culture influencer. They are a United States Artist Fellow, Creative Capital and two-time “Bessie” Awardee who engages transdisciplinarity through a critical intersection of the sacred and conceptual in Black, Queer, and Transembodiedness.

Episode Highlights

  • Ni’Ja shares about their artistic and spiritual origins, as well as their emergence from a lineage of dreamers.
  • They discuss their current project, The Illumination Catalogue, a ceremony project honoring Black, trans, and gender nonconforming lives and communities across Turtle Island (U.S.).
  • We learn about their transformative experience in Tanzania and the meaning of their name.
  • Ni’Ja talks about what they call a Black Trans Cosmic Map, an aspect of the Illumination Catalogue that is a compilation of life stories, cosmology, and ancestral connection of Black trans people across the country.
  • We explore the astrological connections between the movement of laws in the United States and how they affect the lives of the queer community.
  • Nick & Ni’Ja discuss the importance of creating sacred, intimate space in which to share stories and the journeys of people in the Black trans and gender nonconforming community.

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