The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 2:
Sharing Magic on Our Hearts
with Madre Jaguar

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Madre Jaguar (she/they) is a Queer, Non-Binary Birth Doula, Oracle and Curandera of Mayan, Pipil, Nahual and Garifuna descent. Born in Los Angeles, CA to Salvadoran immigrants and raised in Mexico. Their practice is rooted in their ancestral heritage and indigenous traditions of Mexico and Central America. 

Episode Highlights

  • We learn about Madre Jaguar via some sweet nuggets of their story and how they answered their call to magic. 
  • Madre shares about some of the tools and medicines she works with regularly (mushrooms + tarot) and the impact they have on their life and practice. 
  • The three of us drop in together and share a platica (heart to heart) where we navigate what’s showing up on our hearts + how we are navigating + responding to current energies
  • Madre Jaguar is called to draw a tarot card and share a reading for the collective.

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