The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 2:
Facing Fear Courageously
with Julie Dreyer


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Julie Dreyer (she/her) is a board certified hospital chaplain who helps patients, families and staff meet their emotional and spiritual needs. She completed a Masters of Divinity at Maitripa (a Tibetan Buddhist college), where she teaches classes, facilitates meditation and music practices. Her sense of the world has been shaped by practicing within various spiritual and embodiment traditions. In search of wholeness, Julie spent four years traveling the world sharing sacred music with people on the streets, in nature and with intentional communities. She is grateful to all her teachers who continue to inspire her to be with what is.

Episode Highlights

  • Julie explains what a chaplain is and how she fulfills that role now in a hospital.
  • She tells about her spiritual journey to become a chaplain, moving from a career in computer engineering to exploring music and yoga for her own healing.
  • Julie talks about how her sisters cancer diagnosis and death lead to her to confront her own relationship to death, and eventually supporting others as they face their own mortality.
  • She shares how music and songs help to express emotions and support others through challenging times.
  • We talk about the important challenge of confronting and engaging your fear when facing illness and death.


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