The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 21:
Creating a Financially Strong Queer Community
with The Debt Free Guys



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David Auten & John Schneider are the Debt Free Guys and hosts of the Queer Money podcast. With their writing, speaking and coaching, they help queer people live fabulously, not fabulously broke. Their goal is to connect LGBTQ people with the information and services we need so our community can do more and be more. They’ll connect your brand and employees to the queer community and help your queer employees thrive financially. They’re regular contributors to Forbes and their work has appeared in Motley Fool, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, CNBC, Huffington Post, Business Insider and Time to name a few.

Episode Highlights

  • David and John share how they started Debt Free Guys by confessing to each other about their personal debt despite their background in finance. They worked hard to pay off their debt quickly and decided to start teaching others to do the same through their personal finance blog and then coaching.
  • We talk about how people get to acquiring large amounts of debt, using money to cover up feelings of inadequacy as a result of growing up queer.
  • The Queer Money podcast started as a way to educate the LGBTQ communities on personal finance, and now also they tell stories of how others have overcome financial struggles.
  • We discuss a recent episode where they shared big challenges they had in their business and how they really leaned into their spiritual practices for support and self care.
  • They share some insights about what is preventing LGBTQ folks from achieving financial wellness.


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