The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 10:
Erotic by Nature
with Darshana Avila

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“We are erotic by nature.” This is the core belief underlying all that Darshana Avila offers as an Erotic Wholeness coach and guide. Supporting folx to establish a deeply felt sense of pleasure and ease in their bodies and relationships is her joy. Guiding folx to reconsider the stories they’ve been told about who they ought to be and what it takes to belong is her passion. She shares all this through a somatic sex and intimacy coaching style that is trauma informed, justice oriented and nature based.


Episode Highlights

  • Nick & Darshana discuss the difference between erotic and sexual states of being and how we can cultivate our own eros through connection with the natural world. 
  • Darshana shares how she helps folks heal from trauma and shame, and to learn and prioritize our own pleasure.
  • We learn about Darshana’s Erotic Wholeness coaching practice.
  • We explore the disconnect between human society and the natural world, and how that has cost us in mental, emotional and sexual health.
  • Darshana talks about “eco-sexuality” and its role in our well-being as humans.

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