The Queer Spirit Podcast

Episode 8:
Soulful Power & Healing Breathwork
with Christian de la Huerta


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Christian de la Huerta has been a writer, speaker, retreat and group facilitator for over 25 years. Author of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed “Coming out Spiritually,” he is currently working on a new book, “Calling All Heroes.” Christian is creator and teacher of several self-development programs focusing on personal growth and awareness, advanced transformational practices, understanding sex and relationships, mechanisms of ego and projection, life purpose, and reclaiming personal power. He is an acclaimed speaker at universities, conferences and spiritual communities nationwide, where audiences find Christian’s message particularly relevant in these times. Christian also practices as spiritual coach and a leadership development consultant whose work ranges from individuals and couples in private practice to major corporate engagements and non-profit groups. Retreats, workshops and other events led by Christian are known for their life-changing experience and for their inspiring and transformative exploration of our inner human potential. More about his work may be found at


Episode Highlights

  • Christian tells us how he was on a path of becoming a psychologist, but then he discovered breath work and found the practice of it to be powerful and transformative.
  • He explains the different kinds of breath work practices and how they work, as well as the ways they offer healing and insight on all levels.
  • Christian shares what Soulful power is and how he helps others tap into their own aspect of it.
  • He discusses his is passion for empowering women through spiritual healing and changing their relationship to power.
  • We discuss the way he brings this wisdom to the LGBTQ communities to heal their relationship to spirituality.
  • Spirituality vs. organized religion, and the important of questioning both.
  • We talk Queer people a catalysts for the planets evolution as outsiders, gatekeepers and other archetypes.
  • What it means to be a hero and to live heroically in the modern day.
  • Cultivating soulful relationships and looking at the ways relationships can shine a light on unhealed parts of ourselves.


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